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Praise for The Darkest Day: The Good News in Joel

“Children love stories and there is good reason for that—this whole world is telling a story. It’s that very story, that very narrative, that is so wonderfully described and illustrated in this beautiful little book. I’m sure it will prove a great resource to parents and a great blessing to their children.”

—Tim Challies, Blogger at Challies.com

Praise for The Promise of Life: A Big Story about God’s Law

“When children (and their parents!) read Bible story books, every turn of the page brings up significant questions. Questions about the most basic ideas – life and death and God’s Law – require careful explanations from Scripture. The Promise of Life is a brilliant guide to help you and your kids wade into the deep waters of those crucial topics. Atkinson’s prose is catchy and faithful, and Marsee’s artwork will make you stop and think.”

— Gloria Furman, author of Missional Motherhood