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God’s Law promised life to all who would obey. But instead of giving life, God’s Law brought death, imprisoning the whole world under its curse and revealing their slavery to Sin. But God’s Law also pointed to a better way, the only way, to have life with God. 

The Promise of Life traces the theme of God’s Law through the storyline of Scripture, helping children see their own slavery to Sin and pointing them to the One who can rescue from Sin and give the gift of life to all who trust in Him.

“When children (and their parents!) read Bible story books, every turn of the page brings up significant questions. Questions about the most basic ideas – life and death and God’s Law – require careful explanations from Scripture. The Promise of Life is a brilliant guide to help you and your kids wade into the deep waters of those crucial topics. Atkinson’s prose is catchy and faithful, and Marsee’s artwork will make you stop and think.”

— Gloria Furman, author of Missional Motherhood

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One thought on “The Promise of Life

  1. I was hesitant to buy this book because I couldn’t really find reviews or a readaloud of it, but I went for it… and I was not let down! This is an amazing summary of the whole entire Bible, read through as one solid story (divided into a few different sections) from Adam & Eve to the new heaven & earth! It covers SO much, and even has a scripture index in the back that goes with each page of the book so you can look up more information that helps you interpret some of the illustrations that weren’t directly talked about. The whole thing is easy to read and flows well together. I have a 4 year old, and although I coulddddd read it to her now (probably not all at once, though), I think I’ll save it for when she’s maybe at least 6. But this could even be used for teenagers, or adults, honestly! It’s actually a great way to share the gospel with someone who is familiar with the Bible, but doesn’t really understand the overarching story or the depth of what Jesus did for us.

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