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The Darkest Day walks through the message of Joel in four parts: (a) Ruin, (b) Repentance, (c) Restoration, and (d) Jesus and Joel. The book teaches that sin ruins our lives just as sin brought on the ruin of the crops in Joel’s day. It teaches that a day of final judgement is also coming. But it teaches that God is gracious and compassionate and for those who repent, for those who “call upon the name of the Lord” (Joel 2:32), God will turn away his anger and abundantly restore all that sin had ruined.

The Darkest Day also shows how Jesus “died according to the Scriptures” (1 Cor 15:3). In the fourth part of the book, Jesus’ death is shown to be a fulfillment of Joel’s message. Jesus died in our place, undergoing the ruin that sin brings so that God would graciously restore his people. Jesus died on that day so his people would not be condemned on that final day.

“Children love stories and there is good reason for that—this whole world is telling a story. It’s that very story, that very narrative, that is so wonderfully described and illustrated in this beautiful little book. I’m sure it will prove a great resource to parents and a great blessing to their children.”      Tim Challies, blogger at

“What a wonderful and creative idea to write a children’s book on Joel, reminding us that all of Scripture is for all ages and for all times. The story is relayed simply and elegantly, and the drawings are nothing short of amazing as they communicate the message of Joel in another dimension. I am grateful for this beautifully illustrated rendition of Joel’s message for children and for all of us.”     Tom Schreiner, New Testament Professor at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

“Not just an ordinary book for children! Atkinson has a gift to put an ancient book like Joel into plain and simple English so that not only will children understand, but adults as well. The rendering is not only faithful to the original text but puts Joel within the storyline of the Bible as a whole enabling all to grasp its powerful message and rhetoric.”      Peter Gentry, Old Testament Professor at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

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