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Beginning around age six, many children become avid readers. This is an important time to introduce them to their own Bible which they can read themselves.


However, it can be difficult for children to embrace Bible reading for themselves. The pages feel thinner, the words smaller, two columns per page seems strange, there are many new words, no pictures and add to all this the spiritual battle going on to prevent them understanding. Lots of prayer, teaching about how the Bible is the most important book as it alone contains the words of life, and modeling Bible reading in the home, while also using many of the great beginner’s Bibles that are available will help overcome some of these obstacles.

Another important thing to teach children is that the Bible is God’s Word. When they read it, God is speaking to them. And, when God speaks, we need to respond with prayer and obedience.

The free worksheet below is meant as a tool to help children learn how to respond to God’s Word. It acknowledges that the Bible is difficult by providing a place to write out hard words and questions the child might have. It helps teach that the Bible is made up of books, chapters, and verses. It also concludes with a call to obey what was read and to pray back to God.

This sheet can be completed every time a child reads a sections of the Bible, a chapter in the Bible, or a book in the Bible.

Download Worksheet